Rear Hatch Noises and Trim Panel Removal

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2014/04/23 12:59:37 (permalink)

Rear Hatch Noises and Trim Panel Removal

For quite a long time I've had an irritating buzzing noise from the area of the rear hatch, well, with the lighter evenings now that the clocks have been changed one afternoon after returning from work I decided to take the trim panel off believing it to be from the third brake light as it was a little wobbly.

I'd downloaded the method of removing the panel off Planet 9 and it was easier than it seemed from the instructions. Once I had the panel off it was apparent that the white plastic clip which supports the loom just below the brake light had broken and was the cause of the noise, no spare being available I used insulating tape to fix the loom in place onto the panel of the hatch, I also found a few other things amiss, one clip gasket was missing so that was replaced with insulating tape. The brake light was refitted to secure it more firmly but another thing was the "drooping gasket" which I had complained of to the OPC around the brake light? Well I found their "fix", they removed it all together and so it could actually tap against the rear window on bumpy roads, I have made some small self adhesive fibre strips which are hidden by the black line around the brake light on the window, it can still tap but not so loudly! I'll increase the thickness at the next opportunity to cure it completely but it's so much better.

It's not a difficult job to remove the fasteners for the panel the rubber caps over the screws and around the staple side of the catch are quite soft and flexible, you just need a thin but blunt tool of some sort to start lifting them. For the wooden wedges I used a single wooden door wedge, as long as it's smooth it shouldn't mark anything.

The same method is used to remove the panel for access to the counterweights in the lid to attend to what the Americans call Trunk Thunk!

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    Re: Rear Hatch Noises and Trim Panel Removal 2017/11/10 19:33:30 (permalink)
    My pre-purchase test drive of my 981S was mainly on smooth road surfaces. It was silent bar the melodious flat six behind me. Here at home roads are less than perfect and an annoying little rattle irregularly presents. For this reason I do not suspect the suspension. The rear hatch secures firmly. I have removed the luggage cover, not that. Nothing in the compartment is insecure. In fact I marvel at the quality of fit and finish. But I am suspicious of the latch mechanism in the main body. When I bump the right side of the cover housing it makes a light rattle. Could it be here I wonder? Before I visit my local OPC to have my pockets emptied before Christmas, has anyone experienced this issue before me. Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Rear Hatch Noises and Trim Panel Removal 2017/11/10 21:52:19 (permalink)
    I've just replaced the two adjustable rubber bump stops at the rear corners of the hatch.  The rubber part was split on one of them and the other was on the way out.  This was causing a clunk over severe transverse ruts and possibly a rattle. I expect they were the originals so perhaps not surprising. May be not so likely on a newer 981 but worth checking as it's a cheap fix.

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    Re: Rear Hatch Noises and Trim Panel Removal 2017/11/13 20:06:04 (permalink)
    Thanks Chris, Checked them out and they look intact but will look more closely in the hope they are the culprit.
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