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Re: RE: Coolant leak repaired.. 2017/05/21 22:49:50 (permalink)
As follows:
all part numbers below begin with P997.106
711.03 tube £40.00 and you may not need it if the pipes hoses come free
720.03 tube ditto above
623.03 hose
627.03 hose
728.03 hose
624.03 hose
 PCGB members  get 10% discount 
restock fee 10 %
Hope that helps
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Re: Coolant leak repaired.. 2017/07/07 22:48:15 (permalink)
This is the exact same problem I just found out I have on my 2014 cayman thanks to your post.  I found a small puddle a of green fluid on the garage floor a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find where it came from.  Couple of weeks later (today) I found a larger puddle under the front left tire.  After looking all over I found it's dripping from a screw where the fender meets the floor of the car right behind the left front wheel.  My car is still under warranty so I'm taking it to the dealer in a couple of days (Porsche of Tysons Corner in VA is a lousy dealer) and that's their first appointment if I want a "non-porsche loaner".  I don't care what loaner I get, fixing my car sooner is more important than waiting 1 week for a "porsche loaner".  Will update (hopefully) later next week when the issue is confirmed by the mechanic and repaired.
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Re: Coolant leak repaired.. 2017/09/13 11:33:36 (permalink)
I had the lower off-side pipe weeping slightly where it meets the plastic tee.
Specialist said to replace all the lot including the cross pipes, because Porsche bulletin says recommended.
Well off course it does... along with dropping sub-frame and geo afterwards rendering a £700 bill !
Way I look at, is replace the pipes that are leaking and/or readily accessible, providing they come out of the sockets, and leave the cross pipes well alone until you have no option.
Did my off-side pipes on Friday evening, and it was a complete doddle.
All back together, bled and leak free in about four hours. Cost £57 inc a fresh litre bottle of coolant for topping off.
You don't need to buy o rings, they come with the pipes, and the spring clips are re-usable.
Read suggestions that it is the O rings that perish, starting a leak that causes the corrosion.
I don't think this is the case, I think road spray getting into the collar causes the corrosion, that eventually blows the joint allowing the O ring to pass.
See the attached pictures of one of the old pipes.
This first picture shows the end of the old pipe that was leaking. Significant corrosion that has reached the O ring.

The second image shows the clean end that wasn't leaking.
But you can clearly see the the corrosion starting, emanating from the groove where the retaining clip grips the socket.

I am going to replace these two pipes on the nearside when I get a free weekend.
And, after fitting spray some ACF50 into the collar and groove to provide some additional protection.
Should see me out.
Hopefully the similar collars and clips on the more inaccessible pipes are sufficiently protected from road salt to last a good few more years.
While I was at it, took a first peak at the engine. Lovely and clean :-)
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Re: Coolant leak repaired.. 2017/09/13 13:42:05 (permalink)
Won't be long before you have to donate more money to Porsche for the rear ones.
Did my fronts a while ago rears now on the way.
coil packs general go at 50,000 miles
Also all the suspension bushes will need replacing around 50,000 miles or 10 years starts with the inner coffin arm bushes.
Fortunatley the arms can be re bushed as long as the ball joint is ok. 
Then drop link and anti roll bar several control arms.
Check Tie bars under the front of the cars as these rust badly and hidden. By the under tray.
Hidden bumper clips.
Always drive the car after washing and apply brakes hard to ensure rear inner disks do not rust.
Essential hand brake maintenance at 50,000 miles
Used super bush as they offer same compliance as original items
I hope this helps keeps some cost down you cannot go non Porsche root if it has Porsche warranty.
I expect a higher cost to run a performance car what I don't expect is poor engineering which even the Porsche dealers admit (off the record) should have been resolved. 
lets see
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