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[FAQ]Door Check Stays ...

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Ken993T PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/01/22 18:54:59 (permalink)
I had mine done on my 98 turbo, 56k miles.
Spoke to the service manager had the opc who claimed nobody has ever managed to get Porsche to pay for this, clearly this is not true as I made contact with several people who had got Porsche to pay. Anyway I could not be bother arguing with them and had it done by a bodyshop. They took the door off and did a super job.

993 Turbo, GT3 RS,
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RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/02/14 18:20:23 (permalink)
Hi Maurice,
My 1994 Carrera RHD clicks merrily away on driver's side. Quiet as a mouse on passenger side. I'll take it in when it drives me mad enough! No distortion of A-post fortunately.
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jcslater Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/02/26 15:31:08 (permalink)
Drivers side has been clicking since I bought the car 10 months ago. I read (somewhere) that replacing the check stay mechanism can sometimes delay the inevitable welding work. I just replaced this check stay, and very pleasingly the click has gone & there still doesn't seem to be any flexing of the A-Pillar.
Good news.

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petercook PCGB Honorary Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/03/15 13:31:31 (permalink)
Difficult to arrange but.....if all the guys who currently have this problem descended on one Porsche Centre on the same day, preferably Reading!!!! Hey it's called swamp the b---ards!
Oh yes - my '95 on 52K is click free at the moment but with all the other problems I've had (tappets/rust around rear screen - even with every stamp by a Centre) I'm sure it will not be long. Who said the 993 was the best 911 built? Must have been the factory that built them.
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oxford_hippo PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/03/18 23:12:07 (permalink)
my driver's door clicks - but you can also see a 'split' developing in the metal at the A piller, under the opening where the door stay goes through - so think I'm on borrowed time, driver's door now always opening very cautiously!
happy to join a posse appearing at Reading, ...but they do host very good Thames Valley days on Saturday hoepfully we can ask then 'nicely'......and hopefully they might agree a 'nice' solution??
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willstatt Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/03/29 10:42:52 (permalink)
Mine was gone (drivers' side) when I bought it, (50k miles.. '97 c4) but supplying dealer tack welded it on the door pillar. Neat invisible job, but not strong enough as has 'gone' again.
Having it done this weekend.
I really like the idea of a mass invasion of afflicted cars at an OPC, or better still at Porsche uk. We could let the press and TV know, as I'm sure they'd find it amusing and it would certainly produce some red faces.
It's so clearly a design fault, and it's very poor that the ****s don't acknowledge that fact, and repair them as a gesture of goodwill.
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RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/05/14 12:59:19 (permalink)
Drivers side started 'clicking' @ 62k miles and following a recommendation from another owner, had a 'fix' done by an 'indie' near Reading. 
The quote was Â£150 notes (cash) and the fix entailed cutting the A pillar and then rewelding the failed weld before resealing and painting.  Job seemed to work and more importantly there was no evidence of the A pillar having been tampered with.
All seemed well until 7k miles later when the 'clicking' restarted and when I contacted the Indie was told that the chap who used to carry out the repair work had left and that as the job was 'cash' there was nothing they could do - not happy but that's a different story.
Had the job redone by Autofarm, who follow the same route as previous fix, but also insert a metal plate to support the weld.  I nthe end the job was approx £500, but this was due in part to putting right the previous work (poor re-spray etc).
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day1zero Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/05/21 17:49:17 (permalink)
80K C2 1995 and no clicking yet...(no record in service history) standing by for clicking to start.....

My first porsche and loving far!!!!
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Gary Spalton
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Gary Spalton PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/05/29 19:38:46 (permalink)
oh dear, you have got me worried - just had a 100K km service and main dealer reported clicking in drivers door stay - I had not really taken much notice - reading the threads I'm still not quite sure what the fix is? do I assume the stay is welded into the back of the front wing - cant you get to it by just taking out the plastic liner? does the stay just unbolt?
worried of Belgium
Gary S
1996 C2
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oxford_hippo PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/07/06 00:58:25 (permalink)
Mine was 120k on the clock, with huge clicking on Driver's door- as well as a tear under the strap in the A pillar metal- so was probably living on borrowed time.
Just had it fixed at Wrightune ( Wallingford, Oxon. )
Was offerd the 'quick' fix or a more involved one,
wanted the car back sooner so opted for the quick weld solution £125 + VAT.
came back Click-free, very neatly done indeed and excellent paint job matched in
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harvey Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/07/13 18:58:35 (permalink)
I have just had my drivers side A post beautifully repaired, at only 35,000. The repair was done by Tony Littlejohn, and I highly recommend him. He was with porsche for some 14 years. His procedure involves removing the door by taking out the securing pins, cuting a small hole to gain access and to then tack weld it from behind. He also adds a small weld on the outside underneath. He applies wax protector, welds up his hole and then sprays to match before rehanging the door. I am not sure of the cost, as other work was done at the same time, but it was very reasonable for a proper cure. He has low overheads and was very accommodating about delivery and collection.He has never had one come back. His number is 07980 874690 and he is in Sindlesham, near Reading.

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mmylonas Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/08/24 16:17:55 (permalink)
Update on last post.  had the repair done by Tony Wright at Wrighttune.  2 options on offer.  Cheap one which couldn't be guaranteed and cost about £150.  Slightly more expensive version which cost £300 (inc materials) which I went for and looks excellent.  Very pleased.  Looks as good as a new door/sill.
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edelschmetterling Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/08/29 09:34:39 (permalink)

...he also solved one or two other annoying problems with noise from the roof and dash board...

I have some rattling type squeaking coming from my dash (left hand side), any ideas what might be causing it, it is beginning to drive me potty.

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sailor Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/08/29 18:20:21 (permalink)
The windscreen seating. Check many previous threads.
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fjs691 PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/09/01 23:59:13 (permalink)
I  agree Harvey I just done mine I took door  off  no problem I had welder friend look at it  Its the spot welds that break  were the bracket is tacked on to the back of the piller just  a weak  design any way he said that you realy have to get to the back of the  bracket  so we  got  a  dremil with a   small cutting  disc  and cut  4 slots in the back of the piller  I told him  I didnt  want  the wing  off  as it was  intact  he said  that with  a mig  the  nossle is  quite  big to get to it properly  he  suggested  gas welding  as he would  be easier to  get to   Got  some heat shrink putty   he gas  welded it at the back  at all  the slots and mig welded the bottom front were the it protruds  at the front of the piller as its done originally  so front of piller never touched  just re painted  and injected the piller with  waxoil    I realy think that if you get  an experienced  welder to look at it  especilly  for  advice  It was a piece of  cake realy   I took  the door of and on myseld  which is dead  easy  cost  me  about  Â£ 100   
dr fletch
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dr fletch Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2007/09/04 21:55:37 (permalink)
You know, this door check stay thing is puzzling.Two years ago I had a mental breakdown and started to push me car out of the garage with the door open. Tried to stop movement but it did so of its own accord when the door edge caught the wood edge of the garage door. This caused the door to deflect upwards about 15 degrees to the horizontal.Cue for mass weeping and wailing. I imagined distorted door hinges, check stay etc.Adrenalin pumping, I grabbed the top of the door and pushed downwards with great force. The door deflected back to its original position, closed perfectly with that characteristic clunk/ click, and so far as I could see there was no creasing etc to hinges or stay.All I had to do was touch up the slightly damaged door edge paint and that was it.
To this day the door and stay continue to work perfectly. Work that one out!

Blimey John, I'm tempted to have a go at that myself as I have wooden frames on my garage doors and I have what is now quite a sever clunk on the driver side door. I was aiming to get it sorted at the next service coming up at 70,000 in the next few weeks. I will of course wrap the door in protective materials. what's the worst that could happen. er door falls off!

Maybe not.

993 C2 manual coupe, ocean blue
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mwcarrera Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2008/03/11 19:48:09 (permalink)
Just repaired mine by cutting open the A post and welding in a steel bar internally across the bracket and A post. Closed A post and resprayed. The problem is the factory welds between the bracket and a  reinforcement plate just inside the A post on the cabin side fail. Once these welds are broken the bracket then flexes on the wing side of the A post and fractures the single skin around two quite substantial welds which hold but the metal around fails. Front wing off only gives you approx 24mm more access to the fractures although MIG welding these fractures is possible without removal. I only removed the door and cannot see any good reason for removing the wing if you are prepared to open the A post and weld in reinforcement from the cabion side. My A post had been previously repaired by external welding and this had failed again prior to 68K. Pictures available of the internal A post arrangement and my weld repair if you give me your e mail.   Martin 
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MoC2S PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2008/03/12 12:06:54 (permalink)
Martin, would you perhaps write up the procedure to accompany the pics - would make a good info post in tech articles .. send to me at
Must be worth a few spanners, too !
Many thanks, Maurice

Maurice Piper
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tudorbroach Guest of the Club
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2008/03/17 17:58:56 (permalink)
Hi Maurice,
To add to all the your other replies, I have just had my drivers side door check stay repaired at Reynolds of Rushock (Porsche approved in Droitwich).  Apparently they have repaired many, many 993 check stays and have a fixed price for the job which is a £400 plus V.A.T.  They remove door and front wing.  Excellent job but not cheap.  It failed at around 65,000 miles.

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jmspear PCGB Member
RE: Door Check Stays ... 2008/05/14 22:49:31 (permalink)
105K miles and so far so good, (wait for it to fail tomorrow) interestingly relaced the door panels with hi fi speaker pack (3 speakers) and door pockets with carbon fibre panels and the door is soooo much lighter.
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