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Hot!Taycan or not/

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2023/01/29 12:54:52 (permalink)

Taycan or not/

Hi All
I wonder if fellow one or two members would be kind enough to offer their advice on wether or not to take the plunge on this below:
Ordered some 15 months ago it has come to the top of the pile. My reservations are that “things” have changed somewhat since it was ordered.
So, besides being a great car to drive (had one for two day trial) its the usual questions I’m afraid, Range (does it cover 270 miles in winter) your experience with charging at OPC’s (out of hours) and the Ionity network.It’s also a very big car (Sainsbury’s car park) how do you find its size?
For the last year we have been running a dual motor long range Polestar2 which replaced an S3 as our runabout. It has covered nearly 10000 miles but only charged a way from home once. We love the car although no Porsche.
My plan was to trade my Macan and Polestar for the Taycan, and a diesel Defender hard top for Business use and towing.
I’m a keen member of the Macan register where we have one or two WOTY’s a year with up-to 20 cars, I see this as an issue with you guys over a long weekend.
Apologies in advance for boring you all but would like some sound advice please.

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Re: Taycan or not/ 2023/02/01 11:28:39 (permalink)
Range / charging away from home / parking.
1. Range - from my 4SST in summer I get c. 276 miles with the larger battery pack, in winter this drops to c. 226 miles. it's a fact of EV life you have to accept. EV needs a little forethought and planning. See zapmaps and the Porsche charging planner.
2. Rob Symons is a car dealer specialising in electric vehicles, he eulogises about the Taycan 4S.
See this video for a resume of a recent long trip he did (1500 miles) and how he charged his car along the way. 
EV Roadtrip to Scotland in a Porsche Taycan with worst-case efficiency scenario’s incl cost - YouTube
3. Size - don't worry, the surround view cameras are fantastic, you can place it on a sixpence and see the white lines in the car park as you are manoeuvring.
As you see below, I was also a Macan owner, and Mike Allen does a fantastic job as register sec. I miss those trips too.
The Taycan RS's are thinking about how best we can get round the charging aspects of such events.
We also have a runaround, as well as the Taycan.
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Re: Taycan or not/ 2023/02/04 23:13:45 (permalink)
Hi David
Thanks for comments and the video link which proves long journeys can be made with a little planning. Probably best to avoid peak times for charging on motorways if possible. Interesting that the Ionity chargers are now busy because of other VAG and German makes And Osprey is a preferred supplier. It would make sense if all OPC’s had their chargers available for out of hours use.
Might delay my decision a few months to see what the Macan EV has to offer.

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Re: Taycan or not/ 2023/02/28 16:30:05 (permalink)
I have a 4S and in summer I’ve never had more than 240 miles of actual useable range, that was with less than 10 miles range left (okay so 250) and very sensible motorway driving. Shorter (maybe faster) journeys I get around 220 in summer and less than 200 in winter. 
I‘m honestly not sure how anyone could get 270+ miles from one of these, I must have a very heavy right foot! 
I mostly charge from home, but try to find IONITY or POCs where possible If I’m on a long journey. You’ve had a Polestar, you know the score here i guess from that experience. 
They Taycan has massively grown on me in the past 18 months. Covered 11k miles and it gets better looking every time I look at it. Really miss the emotion of an ICE for the ‘fun’ car though.
We have a 2023 Macan GTS alongside the Taycan. I’ll be changing the Taycan for a Targa and the Macan GTS for a Macan electric next year. Make of that what you will…
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Re: Taycan or not/ 2023/03/01 19:42:44 (permalink)
Thanks for the above responses.
I think, although the GTS Sport Turismo might be a desirable model and not depreciate as much as the earlier models, I’m going to wait to see what the Macan EV has to offer Later this year before making a decision. I’ve had my name down (and 3k deposit) for one for over three years.
I too would miss the events of the Macan register.
It seems the range of the Taycan is very similar to my Polestar (250 miles max)

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AndrewWilliamson Guest of the Club
Re: Taycan or not/ 2023/03/06 18:03:04 (permalink)
Not sure if this is too late for you...but here is my experience.
Picked up my Taycan GTS about 3 weeks ago. Granted not long to give you an indepth study but I'm completley new to EVs.
I have a Hypervolt 7kw home charger. The car has the larger battery, 4-wheel steering...and more (specification is here...
At an 85% charge (recommended) the range is about 200 miles. It will be less in the winter (I'm expecting about 180). I don't have summer experience yet but suspect at 85% it will be around 240...perhaps a little more.
I have set various charging patterns / timers, but have had no problem plugging in at home early evening (with about 20% charge left) and getting up to a nice warm car charged to 85%).
Personally, I don't think I'll use the public charging system much. I anticipate that 95% or more will be done at home. We drove to a friend's house and he has a charger, so used his - and just paid him the cost of the charge. He's done the same at mine.
Was at Moor Hall Hotel for a night last week, they are a 'Porsche Destination' so have x2 Porsche chargers. These were free to use for Porsched vehicle owners. How fantastic is that!
A lot of people (I'm not being critical) worry about range. I get it. I would not have bought this car if I was having to drive 150+ miles per day, every day (although you can still charge it and have it do this every day). For me, if I was driving this car for 200 - 230 miles in the UK I'd be in the car for about 5+ hours. I would want a break by then. Find the right charger (and this is improving all the time) then you can be back to 85% in about 25-mins. Personally I don't think that it too bad. It's a mindset shift more than anything else...and the infrastructure is changing all the time.
The car is big, bigger than I thought and only just fits in the garage. The car is a touch under 5m long.
I've taken it to various places to park (supermarket, car parks etc.) and the camera system (if you have specified it all) has a weird angle, but you can select a view of both sides. This helps massively in avoiding the kerb when parking (I'm SO please I put this on the spec).
The 4-wheel steering makes a HUGE difference. It makes the turning circle smaller and the car feels much smaller to move around as a result. For me, this was a must. However, being overly cautious...I NEVER park next to other cars if I can help it. My wife goes nuts when I park at the other end of a car park, at the end of a row. However it stops my worrying and minimises dings and dents. What's another 20-30 metres really?
I've had the whole car wrapped in PPF (LLumar Valor) - which will cut down on stone chips etc. It's easier to clean too. Wheels have been coated in C5 Wheel Armour, again to cut down on cleaning.
I guess my final comment, if that I'm SO impressed with this car I'm buying my wife the new Boxster EV when it comes out and have already asked the dealer to take my deposit...
I genuinely cannot ever see myself going back to a non-EV.
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