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Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S)

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jbarnesblackburn PCGB Member
2022/04/27 15:11:39 (permalink)

Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S)

Hi All,

I am trying to find out some more about the history of my Porsche 924. The registration is BWP 480S, it is Mars Red (but currently painted in Guards Red as it has had an exterior respray at some point), and has a black leatherette interior with pinstripe centre sections on the front seats (the front seats have recently been re-trimmed although the original seat covers came with the car when I bought it). According to Porsche GB it was fitted with the following options from the factory: rear wiper (M425), light-alloy disc rim 6 J x 14 (M485), detachable roof (M560), and tinted windshield and side glass (M568). They have also confirmed for me that it is fully numbers matching (engine, transmission, and chassis).

It has had eight owners prior to myself, I have spoken to the seventh (who purchased the car in early 2017) and eighth (who purchased the car in late 2018). Unfortunately the seventh says he doesn't remember where he bought it from but if something comes up he will let me know (he was a semi-dealer from what I understand so quite a few cars went through his hands).

I believe the WP in the registration indicates it was first sold in the Worcestershire region. I have a Porsche dealer/service centre booklet from when the car was new and according to this Swinford Motors in Stourbridge was the only official Porsche dealership in that area at the time so I have to assume this was the dealership who sold it when it was new.

From my understanding the car has spent a quite a bit of its life in the Southampton region (that is also where the seventh owner was based).

I have dates of ownership changes going back to 1995 which I was able to find using ( which might be quite handy for anyone else interested in finding out some more about their car. I also have service stamps from between 1978 and 1981 from Froxfield Service Station - Petersfield, Hughes Motor Company - Warminster, Quadrifoglio BMW - Southampton (x3), Quadrifoglio Motors - Southampton, and two others without a name or location. I also believe the car was serviced at least once in it's life at Heddel & Deeks which is now Porsche Bournemouth, unfortunately they say that their records only go back to 2005 so they weren't able to help me when I called.

I am very interested in finding out who the first to the sixth owners were (I have filled out and sent of the V888 form to the DVLA although I don't think this will yield very much due to GDPR) so if anybody reading this knows anything about my car or has any advice on history tracing please get in touch either on this forum or via email. I have set up a dedicated email address which you can contact me at and is as follows:

Jonathan Barnes Blackburn
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Re: Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S) 2022/04/27 16:15:04 (permalink)
It may jog memories if you posted a photo? - it might also show if it's been modified too.
I assume you've gone back through the MOT history. Your car will be one of the earliest to be imported into this country and was fairly basic compared to later models with only part galvanising.
Porsche 924/944 by Morgan is a useful reference book and there is/was a Haynes manual for this car.
I hope you have fun with your new purchase

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jbarnesblackburn PCGB Member
Re: Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S) 2022/04/27 22:40:30 (permalink)
Yes, that's a good idea, photo added. Aside from the car being currently painted in a slightly different shade of red, the wheels being powder-coated in a slightly darker silver following refurbishment, and the old style number plates, the car I believe looks virtually as it did to its first owner.
Unfortunately, because it sat from the late 90s to the late 2010s there is only MOT history listed with the DVLA from 2017 onwards (their online records don't go back further than around 2005 and the only MOT certificates I have are from 2017 onwards). It's a real shame because the car has pretty much everything else with it, tool kit, sunroof bag, boot roller blind, manual, service centre booklet, even the Summer 1989 issue of Porsche Post, you name it, it's probably there, aside from pre-2017 documentation not mentioned above.
Yes, to be honest I like that it's quite basic, less to go wrong, just have to be careful about rust
Ah perfect, I don't have Porsche 924/944 so I'll see if I can find a copy. I do have the Haynes manual and it's a very early one that came with the car, 1980 or something.
Thank you very much, so far it's been great, I just hope there aren't too many headaches in the future!
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Re: Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S) 2022/04/29 13:37:08 (permalink)
Car looks great. The DVLA offer a service to request historic information about your car (using 'building up historic data for classic car' as a reason) but understand they've limited the information under GDPR  (Just re-read your post and see you've applied for this)
I found a fair bit of history around mine by searching the net for the number plate and posting it on other forums which lead to a previous owner contacting me and asking to buy the car back - no, this didnt happen and 9 years later its still mine with no plans of replacing it!
Good luck and let us know if you find anything.
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Re: Looking for History of my Red 1977 Porsche 924 (BWP 480S) 2022/04/29 14:13:22 (permalink)
Thank you very much! Yes it's so painful knowing that all the information is sitting with the DVLA but that I won't be able to access most of it, including the all important names and addresses of previous owners.
Ah that's interesting, I'm glad to hear that there is still hope then. I think I've probably found all there is that is already on the internet about the car (one eBay listing from when the seventh owner sold it) although I'm still searching. I've posted something similar to what I posted on here on PistonHeads and the Porsche 924 Owners Club forums, and now, when you type the registration into Google it comes up with the post on here and on PistonHeads. I just have to hope that a previous owner comes across one of them, as they did for you, and gets in touch. Are there any other forums which you would recommend posting on?
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