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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2020/10/11 08:23:21 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby AndrewCS 2020/10/11 08:40:18
Thankfully this saga has come to a positive resolution, but not after a significant amount of frustration and back and forth from the dealer and Porsche.  In the end, the dealer where I was getting the work done (tail lights replaced), agreed to reduce the cost by 1/3 (presumably their profit) with Porsche GB paying for another 1/3 with the last 1/3 of the cost being directed to the different dealership who's technician is the one that over torqued the bolts causing the issue when they replaced the recalled heat shield a few weeks prior to the light falling out, but even though it was escalated to their MD, they still refused to pay.  After 5 weeks of pushing for a final resolution, Porsche GB agreed to also pay for the final 1/3 of the cost of the lights although stated that they would continue to pursue the dealership that completed the heat shield install that over torqued the bolts, but didn't want me waiting any longer.  
I do think there is a design defect with these lights as this issue seems to be relatively common and good design anticipates human error of this sort.  I sort of got lucky on this as the lights were also slightly delaminating on the inside, which again is turning out to be a very common issue.
Even on the invoice, it states that the lights were replaced through "goodwill" rather than through the warranty.  If anyone else has this issue please don't hesitate to get in touch.  
Thanks to you all that posted replies as your responses were very helpful through this process.
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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2020/10/11 16:45:54 (permalink)
Very glad to hear that you finally were able to get this resolved. In line with what everyone else has said on here, I am amazed that this issue has not been recognised as a known problem and clear instructions given to all Porsche OPC workshops not to over-tighten the offending bolts.. And that’s not to mention the frequency of delamination!

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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2021/06/28 10:54:05 (permalink)
Just had the rear light on my 991 Carrera S fly out the back of the car on the m4 yesterday, the rear light was blown to pieces.
I can still see the screws in the car so probably the same issue as you have just quoted with over tightening of the screws.
Taking it to porsche reading tomorrow and I had naively assumed that it would be an obvious warranty claim, given lights are meant to stay in the car.
We shall see. 

update on this
apparently Porsche released a service bulletin to dealers that the last dealer to remove the rear bumper and lights has to pay for the replacement. So in this case the last dealer, mid-Sussex, had to pay for the new lights.
Mid-Sussex said they have had 4 991s in 2021 to have this happen to.
incidentally if this happens to you the clear rear glass upgrade lights from porsche are cheaper than the straight replacement lights (£530+fitting).
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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2021/07/31 21:25:03 (permalink)
Interesting and educative post.  If indeed the problem of tag breakage on the light unit is caused by overtightening of it`s one fixing screw (?) I do wonder if a battery powered screw driver might have been used, for it seems often to be the case that screws tightened by that type of driver are over tightened..?
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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2021/08/26 15:42:21 (permalink)
Interesting reading the blame game. Thanks for shaing.
Are we allowed to name the OPC's involved?  Caveat emptor and all that... 
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Re: Problems with Porsche Warranty Claims 2021/09/23 22:11:26 (permalink)
I had a similar issue with my Jaguar XKR. Heat shield came undone, dragged on the ground and had to be replaced - all for want of a washer. I got it replaced, had plenty of before and after pictures. Roundly ignored by the dealer, until I sent them a letter before action. It's £35 to file a moneyclaim (small claims under £5000), and costs are not awarded, so you're no worse off if you do lose. I'd start with a letter before action - it'll certainly get their attention.
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