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Helpful ReplyHot!Ceramic Coating - Worth the money?

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suthe777 PCGB Member
2020/06/07 17:56:17 (permalink)

Ceramic Coating - Worth the money?

Decided to beat the COVID blues (and BREXIT remember that!) with a new Macan, delivery is due in August/September and Porsche Edinburgh are pushing the idea of ceramic coating with G-Techniq. I have no past experience and on looking around can see there are a number of different products/technicians available locally, wondering if there are any views out there as to if its worthwhile and assuming it is, any recommendations on who/what to use. 
PS New car means my 18,000 miles 2013, 981 Boxster will be available shortly if anyone is interested.  (Full details to follow)

Macan on Order.

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nlm13 PCGB Member
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/06/07 21:38:21 (permalink)
HI there,
We had the G-Techniq coating applied to my wife's 981 Boxster when we bought it from Glasgow OPC. To my mind it's not worth the cost from Porsche as they didn't do a great job applying it, the paint really needs to be prepared properly which the OPC are unlikely to do. Better to save the money and have it done by a proper detailer in my opinion. I've since had my S3, 911 and Z4 coupe all done to a much better standard for similar costs. It does make washing it much easier tho!
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AndrewCS PCGB Member
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/06/07 23:39:31 (permalink)
Had / have it on all my used - all white -  Caymans` from local OPC, excellent finish.
The CS did have it all re-done under warranty after a year, reason given … it was not adhering correctly. All I had noticed was that the roof was `not as smooth` as it had been. I did not even mention it up front. I have the inspections (part of warranty conditions) done with the MoT.
The dealer product (Platinum) is I believe unique to them and includes the interior.
All these cars have been received `like new` and despite all year round use plus less than frequent washing they have remained `like new`. 

Aberdeenshire (R2) : Cayman GT4 981

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kitchens PCGB Member
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/06/09 22:41:40 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby AndrewCS 2020/06/09 22:55:44
my experience on ceramic and PPF it all down to the detailer not necessary the product .
My son bought a used 997 GTS Carrera 4 from Edinburgh a few years ago it had a lot of swirl marks and part off the deal was that the car went to a detailer to be rectified they paid all the cost to have this done as part off the deal it went to the company listed below and I am a fussy person and can only say I thought he had returned a new car to him by mistake  ,the work was amazing and sent daily vids off the completed work I highly recommend this guy  he did not use a ceramic coating just waxes/polishes.  IF you are going to get ceramic work done the car even on a new one need to be machined first as putting on to a unmachined car is a waste off time as it only covers any imperfections already there .I know off another couple of companies who do this work and have seen there work one that stand out is Clyde Ford who has just set on his own called The Detailer based in Stirling he does ceramic and  is a wizard in PPF treatment ,if you want any more detail get back to me .  just had a look on Auto bath web site and he is now a accredited ppf agent .
Autobath Detailing
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Dadsgreatescape Guest of the Club
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/06/10 01:37:19 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby AndrewCS 2020/06/10 06:53:28
I had the front of my 2019 Macan PPF covered by Incredible Detail in Hamilton. They did a first rate job fitting a single piece over the clam shell. I thoroughly recommend them.  I then ceramic coated the rest of the car with Carpro cquartz uk myself, which is actually really easy to do. 
On a new car and depending greatly on the colour, there shouldn’t be a lot of prep work required, providing it has been handled properly by the dealer and if so, shouldn’t require much more than a light polish, so the cost to do it shouldn’t be too high. 
PPF makes cleaning the front of the car simple. Bugs just wipe off with no effort and it gives some peace of mind over stone chips and scratching. 
Ceramic coating does the same in terms of hydrophobisity, though won’t prevent chips and scratching.  Your car will stay cleaner and be easier to clean though and will have some protection from the elements and bird sh#t.
I recommend both, but hey... I also fitted front mud flaps so my opinion can’t be trusted 😹
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fniikks Guest of the Club
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/08/25 16:24:23 (permalink)
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stephentodd PCGB Member
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/08/26 11:02:48 (permalink)
I have a G3 Glasscoat ceramic coating on my Macan S which was re applied by the OPC and it is fantastic but no idea of cost as it was a s/h purchase,  i also w
have a 986 Boxster with a ceramic coating on, as does my wife's Toyota, it certainly makes washing the cars very easy, the muck just seems to lift off, they also seem to stay cleaner longer.
Dave jones
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Dave jones PCGB Member
Re: Ceramic Coating - Worth the money? 2020/09/04 23:42:49 (permalink)
Could be very interested in your boxster
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