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Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S

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2019/12/19 20:48:49 (permalink)

Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S

Thought I would share my thoughts of my 992!
Lots of reviews and comments out there. My opinions are based on what it is like to own in the real world, not driving someone elses red or yellow car around a race track in Spain after a huge sponsored bun fight.
I am not an independently wealthy spoilt brat on Youtube, or a motoring journalist desperate to sell copy.
I have to pay for the cars myself, I pay for the tyres, I have to pay for insurance myself, if I scratch it, it hurts etc.
It cost £85k, insurance is £600 pa comp, options were Adventurine green, Sportex seats with chalk stitching and a retro door sticker!
I bought it because it reminded me of an all time favorite, the wide body 930 turbo. And I fancied a change. 
It is a bit like the 930, just a bit quicker, more reliable and probably cheaper to own for a few years. I still would like another 930 as well though!
My first impression are
The 992 is very beautiful. I know that is subjective however I own 3 swb e-types and I think they are beautiful too and so do a few others. So I might be a good judge!
IT is very quick. True it  does make a bit more fuss about getting a shift-on than the Tesla did, however it is quicker that the MS and more exciting to boot. 0-60 is 3.9 on the app and the mid range is exceptional. I am not sure why you would want more power. For example I drove to London and back on Tuesday and never got the chance to use half throttle once! let alone full throttle, a round trip of 250 miles. 379 bhp is loads. If I was on the track I might want more I suppose, only if my mates had 450.
Not sure why I would want Sport Chrono. When I push the loud pedal it changes down 5 gears in a split second and accelerates like an atomic chicken. Who does launches anyway. I will tell you who. People who are driving someone elses car- thats who. Not me
It is also cool
I get maximum respect from SUV drivers, chavs and sports car drivers. They all want to have a look. They just know the 911 is the daddy. I think some of that is because the car is quite aggressive in its styling with huge wheels, 19 inch at the front and 20 inch at the back. Why you would want 20/21s is beyond me for road use. As I mentioned, it is also a beautiful car.
It is quite economical.
I can get 420 miles from a tank. Interestingly enough I also have a 2019 318d Touring. that does 45 mpg driven spiritedly. The difference between the 2 is that £70 gets the 992 about 100 miles less in range than the BMW. Not exactly a huge difference.
The interior is beautiful.
It really is. Not just the quality if the materials and switches but also the whole G body retro style and satellite view sat nav thing. It is lovely. I have delicious chalk stitching with black. I love it. Everything else is standard pov spec. Some pov spec if you ask me!
The colour is gorgeous. I actually love all the standard colours, like a beautiful girl, she would look good in anything with no make up.  The slate grey/green of Adventurine is a sophisticated twist on and old colour. I chose it because it reminds me of some good 1960s shades on Astons and American Muscle cars of the era. I looks good dirty as well.
The ride is comfortable. Yes, bumps and potholes do not destroy your teeth. It is a firm car however. The handling, grip and steering and basically 10/10. Super super fun.
Things that disappoint me.
It does not stream music. This is a VERY first world issue. Almost pathetic of me to mention it. However I am missing Rammstein at the moment.
How does it compare to a Model S?
Quicker, cooler, smaller!
Evs are so yesterday now. Dont believe me? Try getting to Nice on the AutoRoute now with all the Model 3 owners taking up the charging points. I had 5 years of bliss in the MS. Those days have gone. I guess they might come back in a few years.
So my advice to anyone thinking of a 992 is-buy the cheapest one possible. It is absolutely loaded and you will nor be disappointed.
Buy it before it gets legislated off the road.
If you dont, you will never be able to tell your grandchildren how you once owned one of the greatest cars ever made.
It is also exceptionally sexy (for a car).
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Re: Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S 2019/12/19 22:57:53 (permalink)
Good write up!
The 20/21s on the Carrera S aren't a problem with ride. 
379 bhp is nice. 444 is nicer.
Agree entirely about EVs. A Tesla is about as much use to me as a chocolate teapot given that I often will need to drive 600-800 miles in a day to get to a meeting. I'm waiting for a bigger take up on Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars and understand that M-B are putting serious dosh into this technology.
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Re: Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S 2019/12/19 23:56:37 (permalink)
Great write up.
Insightful and honest
Welcome to the club and 992 ownership (if only I could afford one too) 

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Re: Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S 2019/12/20 14:06:39 (permalink)
Great write up.  Lovely to see that the 'basic' car gives you so much fun and enjoyment.

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Re: Into Pov Spec 992 Carrera after 125,000 miles in Tesla Model S 2019/12/20 15:28:48 (permalink)
I agree with everything you've said and your 911 looks great. Why add the price of a new Ford Focus in extras. There's generally less to go wrong too! I had a similar philosophy when I bought my Cayman S and don't regret it as it's a keeper.
BTW my UP GTI streams music as standard!

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