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24 August 2022

PCGB Sim Racing – Season 5 – Round 6

We return to Road Atlanta for round six of the Championship. The first on track race was held on 13 September 1970 where Tony Dean, in a Porsche 908/02, won the 300km Can-Am event. Home to multiple racing events, Road Atlanta has a well-deserved reputation as a daunting lap, with uniquely exciting features.

The club championship takes place on iRacing, the global standard for motor racing eSports. With racetracks that are laser scanned down to minute detail, the online racer can feel surface texture changes like tarmac, concrete and kerbs.
Join us for the live broadcast on Wednesday with commentary starting at 7.45pm and the first race beginning at 8pm.
If you’d like to find out more about getting started in sim racing, you’ll find a series of guides here. You can also join in the conversations on our digital paddock on Discord. 

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