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12 September 2021

Classics at the Castle

By popular demand from many long-time fans, Porsche Classics at the Castle is returning to Hedingham Castle on Sunday, 12 September for the celebration of road and competition models built between 1948 and 1973.
The 12 September event will follow the original concept by featuring the KG badged Porsches in the same, low key scenario as the first event. Ticket sales will be staggered to prioritise allocation to all KG production model type owners, with tickets for AG badged Porsches and members of the public available from Tuesday, 27 July.
Tickets are priced at £20 per Porsche which includes entry for all occupants within the vehicle.
KG Parking
A booking confirmation will be sent to you once your transaction has completed. Please retain this, since it will be required to be shown upon arrival at the event.
Tickets must be purchased in advance. There will be no facility to buy tickets on the day. Cars arriving without a ticket will not be admitted and will be turned away.   

Gates open at 10am

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