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14 April 2021

An Evening with Icon EngineeringMember event

What does it take to build a replica 917?

Ever thought about building your very own Porsche 917? No? Most people wouldn’t. Thankfully Dave Eaton and John Hartland are not like most people and decided to give it a go.
Dave first became captivated by the 917 when Pedro Rodriguez drove one to a legendary victory at Brands Hatch in 1970. At just 13 years old he knew that he needed one for himself.  
As it often does, “life” takes over. Girlfriends become wives, babes grow into adults, and family life blossoms. But the car itch remained, and the engraved images of Pedro and Vic power sliding out their Porsche 917’s out of Druids never left.
When a set of visually correct 917 bodyshell taken from original moulds appeared on an online auction in 2011, Dave offered “substantially over the reserve” to secure them. And so began a nine year journey to reverse engineer an accurate recreation.
Being an automotive design engineer with more than 40 years’ experience, Dave was better equipped for this challenge than most. Thankfully his close friend John, a race car engine builder was able to pitch in and supply technical input and of course build the engine, albeit a Flat 6.
Date: 14 April
Time: 7pm
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Join Dave and John for an “enlightening” evening exploring what it takes to get a homebuilt Porsche 917 up and running on UK roads.
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An Evening with Icon Engineering

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