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14 - 22 September 2020

September Factory Tour

In a change to recent years, for our Factory and Museum visit on 14-22 September we will be travelling north, away from Austria and, instead, visiting Hamburg and Wolfsburg before going onto Leipzig.
On the way, we will have the opportunity of visiting a World War Two tank collection and viewing the sights of historic Hamburg. While in Hamburg, we will visit the unique Prototype Museum that includes examples of historically important German motoring as well as famous Porsches.
The tour will include drives through the Harz Mountains and the ancient Thüringen Forest range of mountains.
On arrival in Leipzig, we will tour the Porsche Factory and we will also have the opportunity of joining an exciting advanced driving programme. On our return journey we plan on visiting the Leica Camera factory - another example of German engineering at its finest!

Booking details will be announced in due course.

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