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4 March 2018

Spring Clubhouse Open Day

Porsche Club’s Spring open day has been postponed and will now take place on Sunday, 18th March.

While the Clubhouse team recognises that Porsches are durable and does not doubt the endeavour of our members, we do have genuine concerns about the condition of the parking areas around the Clubhouse on Sunday.

The safety and enjoyment of our members is our outright priority hence the decision to postpone.
Snow has been falling consistently in the Cotswolds for the last few days and is forecast to continue for some time. A Spring open day in the freezing cold really wouldn’t be much fun so we’ll focus our efforts into making Sunday, 18th March as successful as possible.

We are aware this date clashes with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, but it’s the only viable Sunday in March we could have selected.
It’s a decision made with the best of intentions and we hope you appreciate the reasoning behind it. We look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday, 18th March.

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