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The Ultimate Road Legal Porsche 917 Recreation

Is this the ultimate (and only road legal) Porsche 917 recreation project? Think of 917s and you might think of Steve McQueen in the Le Mans film... Gulf livery, flimsy, but fast as hell and a car which was basically outlawed in the 24hr for being too good. Well this car has been built to the exact spec of a 1969/70 917K and put through the IVA (independent vehicle approval) so as to obtain road registration. That means stuff like a glass windscreen (heated), wipers that work, mirrors that work and brakes/steering that mimic the original 917. There were only 25 short tail 917s made and none of those were road legal. Dave, from Icon Engineering, has designed this car to be more rigid, safer and significantly better made than an original.

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