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Petrolicous Presents: 1968 Porsche 912

As a product manager for Porsche, Jonas Reinke’s career has taken him from Germany to Australia to the United States in an ongoing journey that has provided plenty of company cars to test along the way. He appreciates the modern machines and their mixture of history and cutting-edge capability, but his love for early Porsches goes all the way back to his childhood slot-car setup, along with a particularly memorable day of driving spent on the Great Ocean Road in a 1972 911E. Between the slot cars and the real cars, it all led Jonas to the one featured in today’s film: his daily-driven 1968 Porsche 912. Between the classic design, the unique experience that comes with any analog car with an engine in the back, and the ability to perform the majority of the maintenance and optimizations on his own, Jonas has found a car that he can enjoy every day of the year, on the road or in the garage.

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