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Petrolicious Presents Bahama Mama

Before he could reach the pedals, Kelly Telfer used to help the local paper boy fold newspapers in the morning just so he could have the first look at the classifieds, where he circled all of the Porsche 356s for sale that he’d nag his dad to buy later that night. “I badgered the hell out of him,” Telfer says with a smile, “and about every three weeks he’d go look at a car or two.” A lifelong artist as well as car enthusiast, he’s been drawing Porsches since the first Speedsters he sketched in his school notebooks, and today Telfer is still portraying the marque he’s loved for some many decades as a professional artist. A great lover of Porsche history, Telfer’s 911 has some of its own, and the previous owner was none other than the Brumos Collection. If you’re even half as into Porsche as Telfer is, you’ll know that this is a very special example of the beloved early 911.

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