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Historic Motoring Heritage

Distance: 48 miles
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Starting off at the beautifully-restored Bicester Heritage, this is a perfect road trip add-on after you’ve visited for one of their famed ‘Scramble’ public events, or if you just want to admire the historic motoring highlights that this region has to offer.

This route gives you the chance to extend your motoring museum visits to include the brand-new Silverstone Interactive Museum or the British Motor Museum - or why not visit both for the ultimate petrolhead day out.

Whether you stop in to visit or not, you’ll be treated to smooth sweeping roads and awe-inspiring views as you travel from Oxfordshire, into Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and finally Warwickshire overlooking the historic ‘Fosse Way’ (a 1st and 2nd century road courtesy of those good old Romans linking up modern-day Exeter and Lincoln).

Not one to miss an opportunity for some great grub along the way, we’ve included a stop-off at the classic Gilks’ Garage Café as well as suggesting some other delicious spots for lunch, dinner or picking up a picnic to savour en-route. Whatever you’re driving, this route is sure to bring a smile to your face - and to your accelerator pedal.

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