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Environmental & Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable development is a key element of the Porsche Strategy, reducing CO₂ emissions across the entire value chain; using green energy in production facilities and offering hybrid and fully electric vehicles.
As a Porsche owner, there are a number of opportunities available to you, which you can use to offset your CO2 emissions from driving by directly funding certified offsetting projects, details of which are below. 


This Project is set up near the Zimbabwe/Zambian border and is called the Kariba REDD + Project – it protects an expansive forest home to a range of endangered species. Kariba REDD + project supports a range of initiatives that promote community independence and wellbeing with better clinic amenities, new roads, school subsidies and job promotion.


Set in North China, the Danjinghe Wind Farm project has 207 Turbines which harness the local winds to generate energy. The electricity generated is supplied to the North China Power grid and powers tens of thousands of Chinese homes and businesses. This renewable energy reduces emissions, boosts local economies, created job opportunities, and contributes to improved air quality in China’s over-populated cities.


Set in Vietnam where coal-fired power stations are a huge source of electricity which leads to high emissions and poor air quality, the Za Hung Hydropower station has two turbines that harness the power of running water, generating renewable electricity to 20, 000 homes annually. This reduces emissions, but also contributes to improved infrastructure and cleaner air. The project also supports regional sustainability development by creating jobs and funding construction of roads and houses.

Forest Protection

Set off Alaska’s southern coast on an island called Afognak, which is home to wildlife and fish. The Afognak Forest Carbon project has an extensive span of Rainforests. The project protects these forests from log cutting for timber production. By protecting these forests they are also protecting the ecosystem which was at risk due to the natural habitats being disrupted. The project is low impact and focusses on salvaging, restoring and preventative measures.

How to get involved

To estimate your vehicle's CO₂ emissions and fund make a payment based on that figure, please folow the link below:

Click here


More initiatives available to you


Esso Card™ Eco Miles 

Eco Miles is a combined project between WEX Europe Services, owner of the Esso Card™, and environmental conservation group WeForest, which allows Club members to make a difference with just a small monthly donation.
Via the scheme, Esso Card™ holders can choose to opt in to make a £1.50 payment each month to fund tree planting, reforestation and other environmental community schemes around the world.

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Recycling your battery

Porsche cars GB produce hybrid and e-hybrid Nickel Metal Hybride and Lithium-lon batteries as well as automotive batteries. As part of the sustainable scheme Porsche will take back, for free, waste industrial batteries for treatment and recycling. Waste automotive batteries will be treated and recycled from final holders e.g. garages, scrap yards,  end of-life vehicle authorised treatment facilities, civic amenity sites, etc.

If you require Porsche to take any automotive or industrial batteries, or for advice and further information, find out more here.

Recycling your Porsche

Porsche Cars GB have partnered with Autogreen to provide a government approved national network of certified dismantling companies. They look after the environmentally friendly recovery of your car once it has reached its end of life. Find your nearest Porsche recycling centre here

Recycling electrical goods

Porsche are proud to be members of national Distributor Takeback Scheme and work with responsible retailers to reduce quantity of electrical goods going into landfill sites and help improve recovery and recycling rates. If you see a crossed out image of a wheelie bin on your electrical product, this is a reminder that it can be recycled and not put in a normal bin.  To find you nearest centre see here.

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