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Grievance Process

As a Club we believe that members should be treated fairly, equally and with respect by the Club, its staff, officials and other members.
It is always disappointing when a member feels that they wish to raise a grievance or complaint about another member, an official or the Clubhouse team. When this is the case we aim to investigate impartially and provide our findings in a timely manner.
This document outlines how your grievance is managed from notification to closure.
  • Formal grievances should be submitted in writing to the General Manager by emailing or by letter to the Clubhouse, clearly stating the grievance.

Club Code of Conduct
  • The Club Code of Conduct can be found here.

  • Acknowledge receipt of a formal grievance and advise an estimated timeline for investigation and response.
  • Assign someone not party to the grievance to investigate.
  • Contact all parties associated with the grievance and gather all related details and correspondence.
  • Review all relevant background information including previous and current correspondence and conversations.
  • Formulate a document as a concise appraisal of the nature of grievance.
  • Issue an update to the process time frame, to all parties. If the grievance is complex, or taking time to investigate, regular process updates should be provided.
  • Consider functional impact on Porsche Club GB and make recommendations for improvements if needed.
  • The findings are forward to senior management and the Board for review.
  • Once assessed, all parties are made aware that the investigation is complete and that a written response will be issued by the Board.
  • The Board findings and subsequent decision will be final.
  • The findings are communicated to the instigator and others involved, as appropriate.
  • Only under extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Chairman, will an appeal be considered.
  • All complaints are be entered in the complaints log and closed out on completion. Details filed in the office for future review.

Revised and approved: 21 March 2020

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