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Meet the board

Mark Hamilton
Chair and Information Systems and Services Director - Mark Hamilton

The role of the PCGB Chair is to co-ordinate the Board and the management of the Club for the benefit of its Members. The Club Chair is not only the figurehead of the Club but also the person most responsible for steering the Club and ensuring that the Club’s practices and policies result in a thriving community and exceptional member experience.
The ISS Director has responsibility for managing and developing all the Club’s IT functions including: 

  • Business systems
  • Web services
  • Security
  • Internal and external networking
  • IT infrastructure support services

In addition, the Information Systems and Services Director will lead the future development strategy for the Club's operational systems and oversee the relationships with the key external partners, to ensure SLA's are managed in accordance with the business needs of the Club.



Vice Chair and Marketing and Partnerships Director - Richard Watling 

The MPD is responsible for identifying products, experiences and services that are of value to the members, consistent with the Porsche brand and income generating. The Director finds great partners such as Lockton Insurance, Esso and Pirelli, engages with them and drives the plans within the Club to provide a range of great member benefits.
The role requires skills and experience in consumer marketing, brand management, business development, budgeting and planning, IP protection, contract writing and conducting negotiations.
Experience of managing partners, understanding their business and growth drivers is vital to be able to work with them successfully, and bring them into Club operations.
Deep knowledge of Club members' interests and needs is required to source the right benefits. Experience of high quality and high-profile brands, passion for the Porsche brand and empathy with its image is essential to ensure that our strong reputation is preserved in the partnership programme.
Wide ranging experience in marketing and general management equips the director to negotiate and work closely with partners in the interests of the Club and its members.


Community & Regions Director - Laura Wardle

The role of Community and Regions Director is to assist the Regional Organisers to connect the 32 Regions and 35 registers across the UK. Liaising closely with the team at Cornbury House, helping to coordinate events to bring members together through the Club’s regional and national events is a crucial part of the job.
Communicating frequently with both the Club’s Regional Operations Manager and Technical Director to ensure member experience is as inclusive and wide ranging as possible, thereby meeting the needs and certifying that the Club is satisfying the needs of its cherished members and volunteers.
One of seven Directors working closely with the Clubhouse Team to introduce fresh ideas to increase member benefit.



Finance Director - Chris Collard

The PCGB Director of Finance manages all aspects of the Club’s financial strategy, cashflow, health and long-term stability. 
Responsibilities include overseeing all financial activities, including: 
  • Revenues generation and oversight to sponsorship funding   
  • Budgeting, disbursing funds to departments, Regions and Registers  
  • Department performance analysis 
  • Managing risk, implementing policies and controls
  • Improving financial processes 
  • Training accounting staff 
  • Compliance, statutory filings, and taxation 


Communications & Stakeholder Engagement ​- Ken Mack

To set the strategic direction for PCGB communications and stakeholder engagement.
Central to the strategy will be the provision of proactive two-way communication and engagement with the club volunteer network and external stakeholders.
Responsible for ensuring both internal and external messaging and public relations issues are dealt with in line with the strategic direction of the Board.
An individual suited to the position will have significant first-hand knowledge of the structure of PCGB and experience of working with the volunteer network. They will have knowledge of the Clubhouse Team structure and its operating procedures.
As a member of the PCGB Board they will contribute to the strategic development of the club and drive to achieve strategic goals in all areas.



HR & Operations - Paul Ganley

As HR & Operations Director, I will be working closely with our General Manager and Clubhouse Team to ensure the smooth running of the Club, ensuring the team feel empowered & trusted in their roles whilst looking to always improve efficiency & effective delivery.
This role includes evaluating how our Club operates, setting direction & coordination of the Club, working in partnership with the Club General Manager to ensure we have the best working environment & processes whilst remaining agile & resilient to change. A key to achieving this ensuring there is a robust governance framework for the Clubhouse Team, including performance & development, salary & benefits, team building, training, employee relations, mental health & wellbeing, diversity, inclusion & recruitment.
Working closely with the Finance Director to ensure the financial health of the Club, including expense and cost control, supporting the Regions & Communities and Register & Technical Directors to develop the structure of these aspects of the Club to help improve the efficiency in the way Regions and Registers work in providing benefit to the membership.



Register & Technical Director - David Carnaffin

The R&T Director is responsible for relationship management with the 35 current Register Secretaries and associated assistants as well as dealing with enquiries and technical questions from the general membership.
Working alongside Club’s Regional Operations Manager, the R&T Director has a responsibility to assist the members directly when required or to appropriately re-direct the enquiry.
The R&T Director will also assist the Clubhouse Team in the coordination of new appointments to the volunteer team and with events/seminars specific to the registers where required.


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